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Youngsang Cho

​사진예술 전공을 바탕으로 광고, 인물 등 여러방면의 상업사진을 촬영하고 있으며 사진합성 및 사진일러스트레이션 작업도 활발하게 하고있습니다.

With a strong fine arts background, Youngsang not only shoots people, fashion, and glamour, but also takes what he knows from doing so, and applies them to product photography. His list of clientele needs ranges from portraits to editorials to conceptual digital composites as well.

영어로 사진촬영을 진행하고자 하시면 연락바랍니다.

Should you need a photographer able to speak fluent English for your work, please contact me. 


American Airlines, Abbot Korea, ABC, Allstate, am/pm, ARCO, bp, CB Richard Ellis, Champion, Conde-Nast, Convaid, CSC, Disney, Doubletree, Dreamworks, ESPN, FGS, Fashion Rocks, GRS, Fashion Rocks, GRC, Hilton, Honda, IBM, IMAX, Illumina Korea, Kawasaki, KNAC, Knudsen, Lionsgate, Marriott Hotels, MGM, MTA, Nature Made, NBC, PBS Kids, PETCO, Peterson Aviation, Radio Music Awards, Sanyo, SIWA  Korea, Sunkist, Seoul City Hall, The NFL, Taco Bell, Paramount Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Twins/WB Network, USC, Universal Studio, UWG, Warner Bros., WE:Women’s Entertainment, and many Korean companies.



Brooks Institute of Photography in California, USA

Chungang University in Korea 중앙대학교, 사진학과.